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Dana's RE Spreadsheet

Non-binding Letter of Intent Specimen's Sample Ads for Buyers  (Thank by checking out their website.)

Property Inspection Form  (I don't remember who shared this with us.  If it was you, please contact me so I can credit your work.)

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Real Estate:

We will consider any real estate transaction, preferably with upside. Most of our activity in in the USA, however, we will consider off-shore opportunities.  Our preference is commercial over residential and pools of residential over single product. We will purchase notes as well as the real estate itself.  The size of the transaction is not the issue. It is the structure that is key here.


We prefer transactions with an EBITDA of $1M or more and revenues of $5M or more. That being said, we will consider any transaction with acceptable collateral. The size of the deal is not an issue. We have an interest in upside transactions and turnarounds. Our sectors of interest are sports, entertainment, communications, internet, mobile and the like, however, we are known to be industry agnostic. We can consider asset backed as well as cash flow transactions. Our preference is the USA, however, we will consider off shore opportunities as well.  If a company is less than $1M in EBITDA and/or $5M in revenue, we will consider asset backed structures for the collateral.

"Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money"

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