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Get Creative & Finance Deals.

Available Upon Request

We want to connect with you and do deals with you.  We want to help you close deals and make money.

If you bring us a deal that we close, you will get paid based on the level of energy you spend on the deal.

Please listen to our blogtalkradio show, "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money".  We have over 75 hours of archived episodes featuring real estate investor education, discussion and interviews with industry leaders on this subject.

We suggest you listen to Working with Proofs of Funds and Assets and Due Diligence & Researching Deals to get the foundation for working with us.  Once you have listened to these, please email any questions you have to [email protected].  Then, look us up on LinkedIn and join our community there.  Ken's LinkedIn   LinkedIn Dana



"Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money"

Online Real Estate Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Creative Financing and Real Estate on BlogTalkRadio

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