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Quotes I began working closely with Ken Sheppard about 18 months ago. We met in early 2012 thru an investor group in which we both participated. Unbeknownst to each other, we left the group about the same time with the same ethical concerns. In all the time that I have known Ken as an acquaintance, colleague and partner, I've discovered that he is exactly who he presents himself to be: a gentleman of civility who is an ethically sound, astute businessman. I''ve learned. I've grown as an investor and businesswoman. And, I have gained or strengthened many skills. We invite you to learn, grow and work with us. Sincerely, Dana Leigh, Asset & Funds Procurement Crossroads Solutions, LLC 269-849-9510 [email protected] Uber Conference Number (213) 992-5338 Pin # 96551 Please connect with us on LinkedIn and join to intereact with 157,000 active investors. Quotes
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