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Is Your 401k a Chicken or an Egg?

Posted by Ken Sheppard on February 12, 2015 at 7:50 AM



Originally Published on  September 2015

Chances are that you were taught to save for your golden years in a 401k like I was. And, like happened to us, you may have seen your 401k get halved in 2007-2008. You may even be one of the diligent people who had a retirement account suddenly vanish due to company/government agency insolvency. If any of these are true for you, you were treating your retirement account like a nest egg, stacking dollar on top of dollar and hoping your nest egg became the golden egg of your happy retirement years.


It's not your fault. You did what you believed to be wise and prudent because that's what we were told was wise and prudent.


Meanwhile, some folks knew about self-directed retirement accounts. They taught their families and students to use them to create chickens instead of nest eggs.


Great News! There is ample opportunity for the individual investor, right now. This is hope for our golden years.


We can use Defined Contribution Plans to create our own financial security for retirement We, too, can use tax incentives to contribute to these plans. But we gotta take personal responsibility, educated ourselves and take the appropriate actions.


Did you know that folks who direct their own retirement accounts can invest in something other than the stock market?


I didn't either. Well, not really. I was vaguely aware of the possibility, but didn't have a clue what the reality of self-directed retirement might look like.


With a certain retirement accounts, one can Invest in assets like


Real Estate

Mortgages & Trust Deeds

Business Loans

Promissory Notes

Business Start-ups

Private Equity Funds

Privately Owned Companies



Gold & Silver

Life Insurance & Individual Annuities.

What if we'd invested in gold 15 years ago instead of letting the corporate plan administrator decide where to put our money and charge us for handling the decisions for us?


Can you imagine that?


The rewards for investing in our own knowledge are great. Of course, there are prohibited transactions and rules to know and follow. There are relationships with licensed and accredited folks we need to forge.


Fortunately for my family, we found the education and community we were missing. You can, too... because you read this article, it's even easier for you.


Private message me for more information.


Dana Leigh


Business Development Partner



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