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4 Levels of Real Estate Investing

Posted by Ken Sheppard on February 12, 2015 at 7:45 AM

Originally Published October 13 2014 on

Over the past two weeks, my colleague Ken Sheppard and I have been speaking about the first level of real estate investing on our BlogTalkRadio Show, "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money.". We spent that time talking about Wholesaling real estate, especially the aspects of assigning contracts, using our transaction funds, and making sure to find a buyer before closing a contract.


So, the four levels of real estate investing are:



Fix & Flip


Buy & Hold


Private Lender


Wholesaling real estate is a great place to start if you have no money. It is the least amount of risk in real estate investing and requires relatively little knowledge of real estate investing.. But, it takes a the most amount of work and energy.

Fixing & Flipping is the logical next step for someone who begins with little money or knowledge of rehabbing a property. It is a little riskier than wholesaling and requires a fair amount of work, knowledge and energy.

Buying & Holding requires a good deal of knowledge and skill to do correctly. It also requires some money. It comes with a reasonable amount of risk for the seasoned investor.

Being the Bank, or private lending, is the greatest amount of risk and should only be done by folks who understand real estate very well.

For you fix & flip rehabbers, I am direct to private lenders of all stripes. And, I am highly skilled at packaging all kinds of loans for a quick term sheet from them. Inbox me with the deal you have in process or in mind that needs funds. Also include a phone number and the best times to reach you.


For you buyers and landlords, I am direct to private lenders who can cash out some equity for the next deal or the last. Let me know what you need.


Private Lenders, I am packaging a dozen rehab loans for a buy and hold company with a strong background and great credit. We're looking to introduce them to long term relationships with great lenders who will value a piece of their 100 properties a year deal flow.


Over the next several weeks, Ken and I will discuss these levels of real estate investing. So, please listen in Live or download our podcasts from iTunes.


If you have had success in any of these ares of investing, let's talk. We are looking for verifiable success which we can spotlight on our show.

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