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Professional History and Mission Statement
Below please find my professional history and a mission statement from my company. Please feel free to forward this as you deem appropriate. Although this is written with a focus on entertainment opportunities, we are involved with many business sectors.

Professional History:

1969-1972---Attended Los Angeles Valley Junior College majoring in Accounting and Music. Graduated with honors.

1972-1974---Employed at The William Morris Agency inBeverly Hills, California in the Television Package Accounting Department. Was promoted rapidly to the Assistant of the Head of the Department and remained in that capacity until leaving the office to work at CBS.

1974-1976---Employed at CBS in the Television Citylocation in Los Angeles, California. Responsibilities included serving as a CBS financial below-the-line cost control representative to video tape productions produced at the Television City facility. Involved with many types of programming including sports, news, comedy, drama and e variety. Departed CBS and pursued the marketplace in a similar capacity to the position held at CBS.

1976-1986---Provided financial and accounting services to television and motion picture industry companies including MTM Productions, Viacom Productions, Hanna Barbera Productions, Warner Brothers Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Television and many others.

1980- As a result of a production hiatus for three months, served as a creative source for a record production company. Sourced material for producer Dennis Lambert . Located a song entitled Cloudy, With A Chance of Tears from Warner Brothers Music. This song was recorded by The Manhattans and appeared on the Love Songs LP, which included the hit "Shining Star".        

1986--Production/development deal to develop motion picture and television properties for the Lawrence Schiller Company. Developed a two hour television script for ABC written by James Lee Barrett that was based upon an original screenplay I discovered and presented to The Lawrence Schiller Company. Developed relationships in the creative and business community, many of which last to this day. Contract was prematurely cancelled after commencement due to the writers strike.

1986-1988---Represented numerous writers and/or directors as an Artist Manager. Clients wrote and/or directed for CBS, The Ladd Company and Tri-Star Pictures, among many others. Served as Executive Producer on project one of the clients sold to The Ladd Company. The Ladd Company is the same firm that produced ?Brave Heart? which starred Mel Gibson. Also served as a financial consultant to many industry firms on a free lance basis.

1988 to present---Elected to pursue securitization financing in real estate and entertainment. Financed, packaged and/or sold many portfolios and single product properties, loans and contracts to private parties and institutional investors.


Among other transactions, we arranged the financing for the following:

Closed a $3M Credit Line for Real Estate Investor 

Closed a $5M loan and separate $3.5M loan for a digital media company.

Closed $4.5M loan for seven convenience stores and gas stations in the Midwest. Reduced the interest rate for the borrower from 22% to 4%, saving the borrower over $1M over the term of the financing. 

Funded for all cash and closed 5 houses in Midwest. All 5 were purchased for $50K and resold the entire package for $124K within six months. 

Arranged and closed an up to $100M equity financing through a high net worth family office for a real estate unit sponsor in the Southwest USA.  Equity funds being used for repositioning of assets that are being purchased at a deep discount.

Introduced a very successful music promoter working with Monster Energy Drinks and LiveNation to Creative Artists Agency (CAA) which led to Iggy Azalea's first American Live Performance Tour which launched her to worldwide status.  This package included some of the very top entertainment entities in the world today.

Funded an all-cash very short closing of $5.7M for the acquisition of an office building with a 30-40% occupancy. This property is located in the Southwest USA and is projected to have a stabilized value of $13M or more.

Complete restructuring/repositioning of a shopping center in the Southeast USA for $2M. This project also involved the negotiation and eventual release of personal liability of the Seller to the lender.

Arranged for one of our highly respected/branded clients to be approved by the FDIC in Washington D.C. at a very high level. This is for the client to be a possible capital participant as needed and agreed with the FDIC on various potential transactions.

Completed a joint venture between a Christian music download service, EMI Music (one of the largest music companies in the world) and one of the largest Christian churches in the United States. The church reaches a worldwide audience thru a televised program and has over 10M viewers.

Closed a loan facility transaction for $8M secured by the deferred compensation of a NBA basketball player.

Served on the marketing committee for a middle market event hosted thru The Los Angeles Venture Association. The keynote speaker is Alex Wilcox. He is the founder of Jet Blue. The welcoming speaker was Tim Lieweke, the President and CEO at the time for AEG. Phil Anschutz is the owner of AEG.

Participated in the closing a of a transaction for $40M (2.5x Revolver). This is for the creation of a credit facility for a middle market company in the health care space, The company was seeking a method thru which it could acquire under-performing additional assets in this space on a highly leveraged basis. Creative Flips, Inc identified a lender that was willing to fund this facility as a combination of debt for a portion of the acquisition and an additional line for operating capital for this entity. The acquisition facility and operating line will permit the company to be a more dominant participant in their area of expertise.

Closed a line of credit for $1M.  This transaction was referred to us by a major bank that chose not to fund the transaction as it did not meet their criteria.  The company that was funded was in need of asset based financing due to an issue with succession that caused them to have irregular cash flow.  We were able to overlook this one-time occurrence and fund based upon the fu1Mture projections due to the past historical financials.

Arranged for the funding of three sub-performing California commercial real estate notes worth $730K against an unpaid balance of $1.4M where all the notes were due and payable in the near future.  The valuation of the three assets was approximately $1.7M at closing.

Closed a combination term loan and Accounts Receivable  credit facility in the health care space.  This was a very complex transaction requiring multiple layers of collateral for a young company in growth.  The term loan was for $1.1M and the Accounts Receivable was for $2.9M.


Mission Statement:

The mission of Creative Flips, to seek financial sources/capital interested in investing in a specific business sector, then to identify all of the elements necessary to complete the package, meet the criteria of the capital and facilitate funding. Within the recent past, we commenced a search for sector funding in real estate, entertainment, publishing, communications, green energy/renewable energy, healthcare, sports, internet and digital media and have located parties both domestically and internationally that have expressed an interest in these spaces. The principals that we have accessed are capable of providing capitalization for projects and opportunities to the appropriate funding level as the case may dictate. Some of the sources are well versed in the inner workings of a specific industry and have participated in this business sector in the past.

On behalf of our client base, our objective is to secure and limit the downside risk of any investment as well as to protect and preserve the client position for revenue recapture and profit in the shortest time frame possible.



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